Beef sales dominated by steak
Published:  15 December, 2016

Beef steak sales have reached a five-year high, making up almost 70% of sales in the category, according to the Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board (AHDB). 

AHDB claimed that steaks are standing up to the longer-term challenge for red meat, with volume sales currently ahead of those of 2000.

“This is not bad for a category where consumers have experienced paying nearly twice the price they did 16 years ago,” said AHDB senior consumer insight analyst Steven Evans.

“More than half the GB population bought a beef steak at some point this year, with households spending, on average, £43 a year in the category.”

Meanwhile, in the pork sector, volumes of steak have been reducing steadily despite the average price lowering over the past three years.

The collective majority of beef sales have come from the more traditional cuts such as rump, sirloin and rib eye. All these cuts have experienced growth over the past year.

Evans added: “Rib eye in particular has experienced strong growth over the past year and doubled its volume share in the last four years.”

AHDB highlighted that quick-fry and sandwich/minute steaks or thin cuts, have been identified as areas to watch.

In June 2015, AHDB Beef & Lamb did initial consumer research on thin-cut steaks, which showed that the category was quite different to the traditional steak segments. According to studies, ‘thin cuts’ offered a distinct position within the steak category. It was recognised as a category that could offer different meal solutions, catering to a demand for convenience and versatility.