Some positive results in 2016
Published:  28 December, 2016

As always the NFU livestock team has been working hard in 2016 and we’ve had some significant wins for the sector in the past 12 months. I’d like to touch on some. 

Progress on sheep splitting is looking increasingly positive as the European Commission has expressed interest in the proposal to use a cut-off date of 31 May to determine a lamb’s age, rather than relying on teeth eruption.

Although this brings us a step closer, standing committees and Defra need to discuss this before implementation.

We have continued to apply pressure on retailers to improve the backing of British products and to get more looking at a sustainable supply strategy from British sourcing.

Longer-term market signals are vital for the whole supply chain to understand the drivers behind commercial decisions and we continue to push so that these can be communicated all the way back through to our members.

Following years of NFU lobbying, new rules have been agreed which will change the way farmers register their farms for the purposes of reporting livestock movements. Livestock keepers in England will be able to register all the land they use within 10 miles under one CPH number.

Moves between associated land included in the same CPH will not need to be recorded or reported. These changes will simplify the burdensome livestock movement regime for the vast majority of livestock keepers.