Functional offerings from Debbie & Andrew’s
Published:  09 January, 2017

Debbie & Andrew’s has launched a new flexitarian line that is now available in Asda as part of a range of new functional products. 

The Flexilicious Chilli Con Carne Beef sausages contain 40% beef and 40% vegetables and legumes, and have been launched to capitalise on the increased demand from those who want to make sausages a part of a weekly shop while having a balanced diet.

Ian Bagnall, from Debbie & Andrew’s, said: “Debbie & Andrew’s aim is to make sausages that everyone can enjoy, from the young to the old and including those with food intolerances and allergies or people looking for a clean, lean eat. Our new recipes are still based on traditional values, putting succulence and satisfaction at the heart of the sausage, but they establish new nutritional or dietary boundaries as well.

“This Flexilicious Super Sausage will interest consumers who want to reduce their meat intake or increase their vegetable consumption while maintaining convenience and value.”

The brand has also launched a new Clean and Lean Range of chicken and pork High Protein Sausages. This is a new range of high protein sausages for shoppers who lead active lifestyles.

This range is being billed as a “natural successor” to Debbie &Andrew’s Harrogate 97% pork sausage, which lays claim to being the original high-protein-, gluten-, wheat- and dairy-free sausage.

The chicken version will be available in Sainsbury’s in January and the pork in Asda at the same time.

For families, it has also developed Perfect Little Pork Chipolatas that offer fast cooking as well as being reduced in salt and fat. These are currently listed in Ocado and will also be listed in Sainsbury’s from January.

Proving that chipolatas are not just for kids, Debbie & Andrew’s has launched Perfect Pork Chipolatas as well, which are available in Morrisons.