Leonards develops new butchery seasoning ranges
Published:  10 January, 2017

Leonards has launched two new ranges of seasonings for the retail and catering sectors. 

The Perfect Prime range is designed to help butchers produce added-value products, using different meats and meat contents from a single seasoning. It includes Prime Pork, Prime Tinted, Prime & Herb and Pork Pie.

Meanwhile, the Simply Seasonings range has been created for schools or health service contracts, being gluten-free, MSG-free, free of artificial colours and flavours, and low salt. This range also benefits from using no extracts, only pure-ground spices. The Simply Seasonings range includes Honey Roast, Tinted Pork, Pork & Herb and Tinted Beef.

According to Leonards, the ranges have been launched in response to demand for more economic and versatile products.