Butchers pass on skills
Published:  22 December, 2008

A butchery business has teamed up with a top-class chef to offer customers the chance to take part in a special meat masterclass.

Lloyd Maunder Butcher's Shops had already worked with Michelin-star chef Mark Dodson to hold masterclasses in November, and the event proved so popular a third event was scheduled in which also sold out.

Now the business is to offer a further two sessions, on 14 and 21 of January, focusing on lamb, at Dodson's restaurant, the Mason Arms in Knowstone, South Molton, Devon.

The classes are part of Lloyd Maunder's ongoing 'Meat Smart' campaign to share expertise and help people become smarter about local meats, what is available and what they can do with them.

Andrew Maunder, owner of the 14-strong chain, said: "We've been overwhelmed by the response to these events. It goes to show how keen people are to find out more about the food they're eating, and how to get best taste and value during this tough economic time."

The New Year events will feature meat cutting demonstrations with Lloyd Maunder master butchers David Carter and Robin Beer. Starting with a whole lamb carcass they will be showing where all the different lamb cuts come from as well as how to create speciality preparations such as a Guard of Honour or cushion of lamb.

A cooking demonstration will then be held by Mark Dodson, showing how to create dishes from the different cuts.