Muscle Food launches new meat-based meals
Published:  02 February, 2017

Online retailer MuscleFood.com has introduced a Live Clean ready meal range – each containing fewer than 500 calories and entirely free of additives and preservatives. 

The dishes currently available are: beef lasagne with roasted Italian vegetables, an oriental chicken pad Thai with crunchy Asian vegetables, Persian lime chicken with quinoa, balsamic steak with potato gratin, and Korean pork with egg-fried rice. More dishes are expected to be introduced soon.

The range has been designed to cater to a variety of consumers, including fitness fanatics, health-conscious professionals, busy parents or just anyone looking to slim down or get lean. Live Clean meals are created to be fresh, have fewer calories and no added sugar, without compromising on flavour.

“There is a bit of an unhealthy stigma attached to ready meals that we felt sure we could dispel with our Live Clean range,” said Darren Beale, from Musclefood.com.

“There is no reason why ready meals shouldn’t be packed with nutrition and free of the additives and preservatives many of us try to avoid. Each ingredient has been carefully considered to create a delicious meal that is healthy and balanced, with nothing unnatural.

“Since launching, we have already seen a huge number sold, and some of the meals are still selling out. We think this is because they appeal to a wide range of busy yet health-conscious people who look for straightforward and tasty dishes with no fuss,” he added.

“We’ll soon be introducing some vibrant new additions to the range, which we are very excited about, and feel sure will go down just as well.”
Each dish includes a nutritional breakdown on the package.

The meals retail at £4.50 and can be purchased in groups of seven via the Muscle Food website.