National Beef Association campaign targets new farmers
Published:  07 February, 2017

A new campaign from the National Beef Association (NBA) is encouraging young farmers to embrace the beef sector. 

Those aged between 16 and 25 with an interest in the industry have an opportunity to become a member of the NBA for £40, as opposed to the standard membership of £75.

“We are delighted to encourage a new generation of farmers to become more involved in the work we carry out on behalf of the industry,” said NBA development manager Rosie McGowan.

“The NBA’s key focus is to act as the voice of the beef industry and we feel it is vital that the younger generation is represented.”

She said that recruiting new, young members was just the first step in what the association is hoping to achieve. “Throughout the year we intend to create a number of young farmer focus groups and arrange speakers to talk on topics such as careers, succession planning and the future of the beef industry,” she explained. “We are also looking into coordinating innovation groups to trigger new ideas and practices.”

In conjunction with the Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board (AHDB), the NBA will be hosting its annual Future Beef Farmer competition at its Beef Expo in Stoneleigh on 18 May. Individuals and groups of people aged 16 to 36 are invited to demonstrate their knowledge across all aspects of beef production at the event. The Expo is also designed to bring together the best in British commercial and pedigree cattle, equipment, knowledge-sharing, and show classes for all areas of the industry.