Trump and Brexit: they're good, right?
Published:  16 February, 2017

Let me put it out there right before we start. I voted remain and, if I could, I would have voted against Trump. 

The sad and known truth, though, is the UK will divorce the European Union (EU) and it looks like we’re going to move in with our all-American stepfather, Uncle Trump (I’m having childhood flashbacks).

But can it all really be that bad? The European Commission has been trying to broker a trade deal with the US for longer than I care to remember. We just came two steps closer as a result of recent events.

When the Brexit result came in on 23 June, it was apparent some foodservice suppliers would be in trouble. The weak pound wiped millions from some bottom lines, while others realised that without cheap EU supplies, a competitive edge would be lost.

What this has to do with Trump and food is simple. The UK may have come a couple of steps closer to a US trade deal, but will British citizens trust food from a country that allows pink slime, crazy additives and a whole host of other nasties the European Food Safety Authority currently forbids? I think not.

The reason Trump and Brexit don’t seem so bad is because our food industry, I believe, has just come a step closer to the British Dream. If food is too expensive from Continental Europe and food from the US contains pink slime and additives, then the only realistic option is to grow and buy more British.