Puréety launches Ultimate Sauce Bursts innovation
Published:  14 March, 2017

Puréety Gourmet Flavours has launched a new range of flavourings that it believes will revolutionise the sector.

Puréety Ultimate Sauce Bursts are pearlettes that can be added to a product and burst to enhance its flavour.

The pearlettes are available in four flavours – Creamy Black Pepper, Spicy Kickin’ Chilli, Sizzling Smoky Bacon and Creamy Roast Garlic. There is also a Sauce Bursts Seasoning Mix for use with burgers and sausages. It has been created with a mild flavour to complement food, is low in salt to compensate and balances the pH for the Sauce Bursts.

According to Puréety managing director Gareth Pearson, the brand has been working on this innovation for the past 12 months to develop and create an exclusive range of flavours and bring “real innovation to the marketplace”.

“As did the glazes through the 1980s and ’90s, Sauce Bursts will change the butchers’ counters, giving them much more than a seasoned burger or sausage.”

Each 2.5kg tub comes with a free counter ticket, to sit alongside the display ticket  and draw attention to the products at the counter. It will also be supplied with a POS kit, which will include an A2 poster and leaflets.