Northern Irish chorizo specialist introduces Tuscan-style sausage
Published:  16 March, 2017

Following on from the successful launch of its original and chilli chorizo varieties last year, Corndale Farm Charcuterie has now launched a Tuscan-style sausage. 

Situated in Co Derry, the farm business claims to be the first company in Northern Ireland to develop its own chorizo range.

The new sausage is created using free-range pork from the farm’s Saddleback pigs, combined with fennel, garlic, coriander, nutmeg, cayenne, oregano, salt, black pepper and chopped, sundried tomato. The recipe was designed by Alastair Crown, who launched Corndale Farm Charcuterie in 2015. Currently supplying to restaurants and delis across Northern Ireland, the company is now eyeing business overseas.

“I’ve been working with a number of chefs on new product development, an important strategic focus for Corndale,” said Crown. The new Tuscan-styled sausage was inspired by Northern Irish chef and cookery shop owner Stephen Jeffers, who recommended the idea. “Stephen Jeffers suggested I should consider creating a Tuscan-style sausage,” continued Crown.

“I was delighted to work with him on creating our own recipe for this traditional spicy and sweet Italian sausage. New ways to use pork, particularly shoulder, from my herd help me stay ahead in the developing market for different taste experiences in Northern Ireland.”

The pigmeat used for the products are sourced from Crown’s 60-strong Saddleback herd, which are free to graze around his smallholding, and are processed nearby in an EU-approved factory unit.