And the winner of National Butchers’ Week innovation contest is...
Published:  17 March, 2017

Gordon’s Butchers and Fine Foods has been named the winner of our National Butchers’ Week innovation competition. 

After a nation-wide Facebook vote, the East Boldon business received the most support for its Steak, Spinach and Halloumi Kebabs.

Gordon Robson of Gordon’s Butchers and Fine Foods first introduced the product in September 2016. “They just went like rockets,” he told Meat Trades Journal.

Upon submitting the entry, he explained: “The beauty of the Steak, Spinach and Halloumi Kebab is that all ingredients cook at the same time in just four minutes if grilled for a minute on each side. Customers love how quickly and easily they cook and the kebabs fit really well with the healthy eating plans a lot of my customers are on. They taste fantastic and can adapt to any dish as can be served to accompany many different rice, salad or potato dishes.”

To meet the demand after first introducing them, Robson said that he had to purchase another kebab dicing machine. He commented that the key to a successful product is to think differently. “I’m quite innovative,” he said. “I keep looking at things and I try to do different things all the time.”

To ensure that all products are of the highest possible quality, Robson and his team make everything in the shop. He added that it was important to offer something a little bit different that could not be found in other butcher’s businesses. “There’s loads of butchers about, so you have to have something different. We have to get people through the door, and to get a customer through the door is the hardest thing in the world.

“As soon as they walk through the door we’ve always got a full counter so people look, and they buy with their eyes.”

Robson said that he offered customers a lot of kebab varieties and was just looking for something a bit unique. After seeing blocks of halloumi, he combined it with rump steaks and produced a winning product.

“I’ve been here for 10 years and you’ve got to keep reinventing. You can’t just have the same things in the counter every day, people get bored."

Although the competition is over, we still want to hear about everything that you’ve been getting up to for National Butchers’ Week 2017. Whether you’ve been holding workshops, educating schools or running your own competition, get in touch with either Aidan.Fortune@wrbm.com or Aaron.McDonald@wrbm.com.

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