Yorkshire catering butcher steps up recycling strategy
Published:  21 March, 2017

Family-operated Yorkshire Dales Meat Company has invested in a compact waste baler, enabling it to improve its recycling capabilities.

The vertical RWM75 machine from Riverside Waste Machinery is used to bale mostly cardboard that comes from boxed meat delivered to the Bedale factory from other local farms, although the machine can also handle plastic from farm waste, meaning both materials can be taken away for recycling.

Established in 2004, the company delivers meat to hotels, restaurants and event venues across the north of England, using its fully refrigerated branded vehicles. Due to the quantity of cardboard produced, the business claimed it made commercial and environmental sense to purchase a baler.

“The Knox family have been farming here for over 100 years, and the business has grown significantly,” said James Knox, managing director. “Earlier this year we took over another butcher’s company, and the acquisition extended the size of the organisation yet again. We therefore increased the volume of waste we produce, and knew we needed a smarter solution.”

The RWM75 was recommended to the Yorkshire Dales Meat Company by managing director and waste baling specialist for Riverside Jonathan Oldfield, after he assessed the company’s needs and recommendations. A total of 75kg of cardboard is being produced on a weekly basis.

“Due to the sheer volume of ‘waste’ materials we’re now handling, baling made perfect sense,” continued Knox. “Rather than paying for waste to be taken away from the farm, we now receive a rebate for our bales, the farm has become more efficient, and we are contributing to the environment too. It’s a win-win for us.”