Green Survey 2017 now open
Published:  29 March, 2017

The UK meat industry has a chance to have its say on sustainability, with the Meat Trades Journal Green Survey now open for submissions. 

The survey aims to assess attitudes on the meat industry’s environmental impact, tackling issues such as production methods, consumption, product price and whether the industry is being victimised or not.

In 2016, the Green Survey revealed that 73% of respondents felt the sector was being victimised on the issue of environmental impact (up from 62% in 2015), while 75% were concerned that an increasing number of consumers would reduce their meat consumption in the future (up from 62% in 2015).

Last year’s survey also showed that 70% of respondents believed consumers would accept higher prices for meat produced more sustainably. This was up from 52% in 2015.

Green credentials continued to be an important factor for businesses in the sector, with 81% seeing them as either ‘very important’ or ‘extremely important’ to their business. Just 18% saw environmental credentials as ‘somewhat important’.

The survey also found that 55% believed lower meat consumption could reduce environmental impact, up from last year’s figure of 38%.

The survey showed that more businesses were taking steps to reduce their environmental impact, with waste management high on the list of methods used. Recycling and reducing energy consumption were also popular methods among respondents.

To contribute in this year’s Green Survey, fill out the questionnaire below. The results will appear in the May issue of Meat Trades Journal as part of our Green issue.