Business ‘booming’ for new Tariq Halal Tooting store
Published:  30 March, 2017

Award-winning Tariq Halal butchers has opened its eighth store, in Tooting.

After opening on Wednesday, 22 March 2017, business has been “booming”, said Kurran Gadhvi.

Gadhvi, marketing manager for equipment supplier Valera, was hired by Tariq Halal for the refurbishment of its new store.

“It has been doing very, very well,” he told Meat Trades Journal. “Especially with the first weekend that they had. There has been a lot of interest. That road has very high footfall as it is, and there’s a very diverse community as well. It’s got people from all backgrounds going to the shop. It has been very good.”

Situated on Upper Tooting Road, Tooting, “the location is perfect”, explained Gadhvi. With a mosque located next door, and an Islamic school not far away, it is well situated to meet customers demands and has received “positive” feedback for the clean and “fresh” appearance of the store.

“For us, Valera, we managed literally everything from the start to finish – from the equipment, all the way through to the building work,” added Gadhvi. “From start to finish, we managed the project and as the project manager, I’m very proud to say we did it in the timeframe needed.”

According to Gadhvi, it took roughly six to eight weeks to complete the renovation.

“The reason we ran the project was because we manage everything from start to finish, which really helps, and we’ve got a team of suppliers that we can really manage well.”

The Tooting store will join Tariq Halal’s London-based portfolio of stores including: Fulham, Leyton, Hounslow, Streatham, Southall, Croydon and Wembley. As well as selling fresh meat, frozen meat is available for retail and orders are dispatched daily.

Tariq Halal’s Fulham branch was awarded with Meat Trades Journal’s Halal Butcher Shop of the Year 2015, and the same store was shortlisted for the same award in 2016.