Decision pending on processing plant application
Published:  03 April, 2017

A decision on a new processing plant in Helensburgh, Scotland is due shortly. 

Anton Erlank has applied to Argyll and Bute Council for permission to carry out alterations to a residential garage in Craigendoran and turn it into a meat-drying and processing plant.

The application is currently with Argyll and Bute Council, with a decision due soon.

Erlank’s application has received several letters of objection, with respondents expressing concern that vermin could be attracted to the area and that it might interfere with drainage systems.

In a letter early on in the process, member of the planning committee Stephanie Spreng said the council would be taking into account noise and smell.

Spreng’s letter said: “Whether or not it would be acceptable would be dependent on the views of the council’s environmental health department, and we must be satisfied that the proposal will not raise any issues with regards to the amenity of surrounding properties by way of noise, smells or traffic movement.

“If we can satisfy ourselves that your business use would not adversely affect neighbouring properties, and environmental health have no objection to your proposal, then it may be acceptable.”

In his application to the council Erlank said a connection to the public drainage network and a water supply would be installed in the building if permission was granted.

“Waste will include paper and plastic that would be in contact with animal blood. All waste will therefore be placed into refuse bags and taken to the local recycling centre.”