Birmingham butcher jailed for tax fraud
Published:  03 April, 2017

The owner of a Midlands meat processing company has been sentenced to two years for tax fraud.

Munir Hussain of A K Halal Meat Centre in Birmingham was found guilty of fraud to the tune of £80,310 over a three-year period. He was sentenced to two years in prison at Birmingham Crown Court last month, with the prospect of an additional 12 months being added to his sentence if the full amount is not paid back.

Hussain had been found to be lying about his profits in an effort to cut his tax bill between April 2008 and March 2011, even going as far as to fake a letter from a supplier. His activities were discovered following an investigation by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Paul Fisher, HMRC fraud investigation service assistant director, said: “Hussain was deliberate in committing this tax fraud, going as far as providing a fake letter from his suppliers. He thought he could hide his fraud, but HMRC is determined to clamp down on tax crime.

“Hussain thought he had covered his tracks. But he was wrong and is now paying the price behind bars. He also has to repay the money he stole or spend more time in prison.”