Meatsnacks brings jerky to vending machines
Published:  06 April, 2017

Beef jerky is finding a new platform in the UK vending market thanks to the Meatsnacks Group. 

The marinated meat snack will be available in a dedicated 25g pack size across its range, including Wild West, Wild West Deli and Texas Joe’s jerky. The Men’s Health Fuel Beef Jerky will also be available in a slightly larger pack of 30g. The packs have been tested to fit most standard vending machines.

The way the jerky is produced – sliced, marinated, cooked and smoked – means that it is high in protein and low in fat, making it a snack of choice for athletes and the health-conscious. Meatsnacks’ Mem’s Health range has been designed to cater to this audience.

Research from the Meatsnacks Group indicated that consumers were using jerky as meal replacements, alternative snacks and as an appetite suppressant. The 25g packs in which the snacks are available have been designed to meet the demand for a convenient snacking option.

“We know that consumers are looking to healthier snacks to eat when they are out and about,” commented Alan Brown, business development manager at the Meatsnacks Group.

“Plus, with smaller packs that provide individual portions, they are always fresh. There is great potential to capitalise from stocking these lines.”

The ambient snack has an 18-month shelf-life, which means it fits well into the vending market.

Alongside its jerky ranges, the Meatsnacks Group also produces biltong. Its 35g Strive biltong packs are tailored to the health and fitness market. As of last month, the biltong range is available nationwide at BP Marks & Spencer Simply Food forecourts. This signifies the first major distributor for the snack, after is was first introduced to the market online in 2016. Unlike jerky, which is cooked, biltong is made from sliced, marinated meat which is then air-dried.