New test created to detect raw pork presence
Published:  18 April, 2017

Diganosis solutions company Neogen has introduced a new kit to detect raw pork in meat and environmental samples. 

The Reveal for Pork testing kit provides results in five minutes after extraction and can detect as little as 0.5% raw pork in meat samples. It has been validated for use with environmental swabs and rinse water samples.

“To ensure consumer confidence, the food industry continues to strengthen its food safety management systems,” explained Steve Chambers, from Neogen Europe. “In just minutes, with minimal equipment, a company can assure its consumers that its products are safe and wholesome – and properly labelled.”

This new development follows Neogen’s easy-to-follow Reveal format, which uses lateral flow test strips to produce simple-to-read results. Reveal for Pork has been proven to show raw pork accurately in both internal and independent testings. It does not produce false positive results if the sample contained only meat from animals that are not targeted for the testing – for example, beef, horse, poultry or sheep.

The meat testing products also include BioKits tests for species identification. This provides sensitive and specific detection of different animal species. The BioKits are available for cooked pork, beef, poultry and sheep, as well as raw cow, pig, sheep, poultry and horse species.