Time for barbecue season
Published:  18 April, 2017

With some great promotional weeks and events behind us such as Mother’s Day, National Butchers’ Week and Easter, hopefully everyone had some strong trading weeks and did their bit to promote the industry. 

We had several primary schools come to visit some of our shops to have a look around and we showed them all aspects of what goes on in a butcher’s shop, giving them a chance to make their own sausages. It creates a great buzz, with the pupils showing a lot of enthusiasm.

We will now be focusing our efforts on a change of layout in the counters as, by now, you will see a big change in some cuts not selling as well and different ones becoming more popular.

You should hopefully have a good idea of what BBQ products you will be displaying in the coming weeks and months and, hopefully, will already be capitalising as the weather comes good.  It’s vitally important to be ready with BBQ offerings as soon as it becomes hot, so that you can cater for customer demands at short notice.

Some good PR and advertising will help tremendously during the hot weather as it brings a whole new younger clientele into your shops.

If it’s done with passion and enthusiasm and the weather is kind to us then we should all look forward to what is probably the most profitable time of year.