Poultry firm fined £2k on chicken carcases
Published:  28 April, 2017

Newark-based poultry producer Germany Farms faces a £2,000 fine for the irresponsible disposal of around 10,000 chicken carcases on woodland near Knapthorpe in Nottinghamshire.

The company, of Lodge Farm in Norwell, pleaded guilty to two offences against the Animal By Products Regulations 2011 at Nottinghamshire Magistrates Court earlier this week.

The court heard that the business had buried the broiler chickens on 13 September 2016. The act violated strict regulations on the processing, use and disposal of animal by-products to prevent the risk of the spread of disease.

Nottinghamshire County Council’s Trading Standards team and the Environment Agency attended the burial site on 26 September. Shortly afterwards the carcases were exhumed and disposed of in a lawful manner.

Animal by-products can be buried on land only at authorised sites and only if the material has been pressure sterilised. The law also requires the disposer to hold documentation for the transport of such by-products, which the company failed to have.

“This company has been producing poultry for 25 years, so should have been fully aware of the requirements to dispose of dead livestock and failed to take steps to address the issue before they were instructed to do so by the County Council,” said Nicola Schofield, Trading Standards manager at Nottinghamshire County Council.

“The scale of dead carcases could have led to a massive risk to public health and wildlife, so it is important the company receives a fine as punishment for their actions.”