KFC opens kitchen to public
Published:  02 May, 2017

Fast food chain KFC is opening its restaurant kitchens to the public, offering a chance to see how the famous fried chicken is made. 

For the first time in the United Kingdom, more than 100 of the chain’s restaurants will be accessible on Saturday 6 May. The event is free, with attendees receiving a KFC meal and gift, although tickets are limited per restaurant.

Ticket holders will receive a 60-minute session, where the public can learn how the chicken arrives fresh every day, find out how the chicken is hand-breaded by trained cooks and will be able to make their own burger and get to taste KFC’s signature food.

“We want to show that the only secret at KFC is the Colonel’s recipe,” said Paula MacKenzie, general manager at KFC UK & Ireland. “We are proud of our lovingly crafted, freshly prepared chicken and want to share some of that magic with our customers. This is your chance to ask anything you’ve ever wondered about KFC – the aim of the day is to feed your curiosity, then your appetite.”

Everyone that attends the open days will receive the burger they create, plus a piece of Original Recipe Chicken, fries, a drink and a side of choice, in addition to a branded KFC apron and hat.

Tickets for KFC’s Open Kitchen initiative are limited on a first-come first-served basis. To apply, click here.

According to the fast food chain, KFC sells around 14 millions pieces of chicken a week in the UK alone, equating to approximately 700 million pieces a year. Last year, KFC claimed to have sold 134 million chicken wings.

KFC first reached British shores in 1965, with the first restaurant opening in Preston in Lancashire. There are now over 890 restaurants across the UK, with over 24,000 employees.