Emerging Northern Irish producers receive guidance from charcuterie specialists
Published:  05 May, 2017

Northern Irish meat producers that are getting off the ground will receive advice from charcuterie specialist Chris Moorby at the School of Artisan Food in Nottinghamshire. 

Moorby, from Yorkshire, is a Master Butcher with over 30 years’ experience, as well as being a charcuterie expert. He will run a three-day course on behalf of the Food Innovation Centre at the Loughry Campus of the College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE) in Co Tyrone.

Cured meat specialists have been emerging in Northern Ireland across the years, with the country now boasting four artisan businesses producing a range of charcuterie. They are: Corndale Farm Free Range in Co Derry; O’Doherty Fine Meats in Co Fermanagh; Hannan Meats in Co Down; and Ispini Charcuterie in Co Tyrone. Corndale and Ispini were established in the past two years alone. The firms produce a range of products including pancetta, salami, lomo and bresaola.

Over the course of Moorby’s career, he has worked in many sectors of the meat industry. After first honing his passion in a butcher’s shop and abattoir, he has also worked in production, technical management, product development and quality assurance. Most recently, he has taken up a post teaching at The School of Artisan Food. The Master Butcher has been helping to train the next generation of butchers for over 25 years.

The workshops have been developed by the college in response to the developing sector in Northern Ireland. Moorby will discuss a range of expertise, including meat selection, fundamental butchery skills, curing methods, smoking techniques and fermentation science.

“This advanced practical course will cover the manufacture of an extensive range of charcuterie products,” said a CAFRE spokesperson. “Participants will also be directed through the essential scientific and technical explanations that underpin such production.”

Topics of discussion will include:

•    Pork carcase breakdown, with emphasis on best utilisation of cuts for charcuterie
•    Boning and trimming of cuts for cured, air-dried whole muscle production
•    Grading of trim for forcemeat products
•    Formulation of cure recipes
•    Different types of curing for whole muscles – dry, injection and immersion curing
•    Initial curing of salmon, bacon and gammon, coppa, pancetta, lomo and prosciutto
•    Production of raw, cured, cooked, smoked and fermented sausages, including: bratwurst; Texas hot links; beer sticks; frankfurters; chorizo; saucisson sec; and boudins noir and blanc
•    Cold-smoking of salmon, garlic and salt
•    Final preparation of whole cured muscles for air-drying
•    Finishing processes for sausage products, smoking and cooking
•    Construction of a simple smoker
•    Hot-smoking of pork tenderloin.