Ispini Charcuterie launches chorizo beer sticks
Published:  25 May, 2017

A Northern Irish chorizo and salami specialist has introduced an innovative new product to the market. 

Capitalising on the growing trend for meat snacks, Ispini Charcuterie, based on a family farm in Co Tyrone, has launched chorizo beer sticks, cured in Mac Ivors Cider and chilli.

John Cuddy, a pig farmer who established Ispini just last year, is targeting the snacking and pub markets in Northern Ireland, Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland with the new sticks.

“We believe they make a very tasty and convenient snack with a range of beverages, especially beer,” said Cuddy. “The chilli gives the sticks a bit of a kick. We are committed to working with other local food and drink companies and saw an opportunity to link up with one of our cider producers in Co Armagh, Northern Ireland’s orchard country.

“We’ve also cured salami using beer from Pokertree Brewing, a craft brewery also in Co Tyrone.”

Ispini’s other cured meats products include salami, chorizo and lomo, all of which are produced from pork and beef sourced from Northern Irish farmers. The firm is one of a handful of rising companies in Northern Ireland that are specialising in cured meats.

The name Ispini is Irish for the word sausage, and was chosen to represent the local nature of the business. Cuddy, who rears 300 sows on a 120-acre family farm, launched the business to diversify and help to sustain the farm.

The pig farmer studied charcuterie at the School of Artisan Food at Welbeck in Nottinghamshire, with curing expert Chris Moorby. “Working with Chris Moorby was tremendously important,” added Cuddy. “I learned a huge amount about fermenting sausages, how best to create new recipes, and other important issues, such as food safety and hygiene.”

The sticks are available in 60g packs and are selling at a retail price of £2.