Poultry farmers and buyers welcomed back to Scottish mart
Published:  26 May, 2017

For the first time since the avian flu restrictions were enforced across Scotland in December, poultry farmers and buyers made their return to Lawrie & Symington’s Lanark mart. 

Overall sales were better than expected, with a pair of peahens topping the day’s trade, making £135. Sales were up on the same time as last year, representing a strong comeback for poultry. There was a total of 621 entries.

“Yesterday’s results were very encouraging and it’s good that business has now returned to normal after such an extended period,” said Andrew Goldie, auctioneer at Lawrie & Symington. “Results were up on last year and better than we anticipated. Turnout was very good with the vast majority of lots having sold.

“The bird restriction has doubtless had an effect on the wider market but people recognise that the measures are in place for a good reason. Farmers and customers are still worried about avian flu and what it means for them day-to-day, and there’s still a lot of concern about what the future holds. However, it’s good to see such a positive return to business and we look forward to welcoming them all back in due course.”

The Scottish government lifted restrictions earlier this month after a veterinary risk assessment concurred that the risk of avian influenza incursion to poultry and captive birds in the country had decreased to low.