AVO extends BBQ range
Published:  30 May, 2017

Tapping into the health market, European ingredients manufacturer AVO has launched a new Lafiness to its marinade range.

Introduced just in time for summer barbecue season, AVO’s Black Garlic Lafiness was selected after customer feedback and market insights and draws on the nutritional and health benefits of black garlic. It would be a suitable complement to beef, lamb and poultry. The marinade is available in 4kg pails.

AVO is distributed in the UK by Innovative Food Ingredients (IFI), a family owned business that also offers Taste of Goodness Sauces and Newly Weds Foods (NWF).

“We continually strive to identify and develop new products to keep our portfolio fresh and interesting,” said David Brennand, managing director of IFI. “We take our ideas from several sources but most importantly we are inspired by our customers and what they are telling us.

“One of the main concerns raised by our customers and the reason why we strive to continually extend our range of marinades, is that some of the longer standing products on the market aren’t true marinades but just sit on the surface of the product,” he explained. “The AVO lafiness black garlic marinade ... helps add flavour, tenderise and the oil protects the meat from burning during cooking, whether that’s on the barbecue or in the oven. The antioxidant properties and associated health benefits of black garlic versus regular were also intriguing.”

Black garlic, which is fermented over time, has higher concentration levels of amino acids and is thought to help lower cholesterol and build the immune system.