Bevan’s Butchers steps into spotlight in butchery series
Published:  06 June, 2017

Surrey-based Bevan’s Butchers is the latest business to be showcased in Dalziel’s ‘Proud to be a Butcher’ series. 

With stores in Garsons, Longacres, Effingham, and the flagship store, Kingston, the business has been going since 1929, when it was founded by Reginald A Bevan.

Robin Bevan, butcher and current owner of Bevan’s Butchers, said the counter display played a vital role in the success of the business. “We try to squeeze as much in the shop as possible,” he said. “We’ve tried to make it a bigger customer space. We moved the cold room to the front of the shop.”

The cold room move has played dividends, he said, as people stop on their way to and from work to look into the window from their cars.

“All of the meat we’ve got for sale is either in the counter or on display. So, if someone wants pork chops, they know you’ve got pork chops because you’ve got a side of pork there.”

The tags on the beef, sourced from a local farmer, remain on the carcase, detailing where it comes from, when and where it was slaughtered and the farmer it came from.

“I enjoy being hands-on and putting out a really good display,” said Bevan. “I know nothing more fun than cutting a bit of meat and having the pleasure of somebody buying it and appreciating what you’ve done.”

Maintaining a good relationship and communication with the customer is important, as they want to know exactly what it is they’re purchasing and where it has come from. “What makes me proud to be a butcher is having the customers come into the shop and say that what you’ve served them is the best they ever had,” added Bevan.