Dawn Meats creates ‘ultimate burger experience’
Published:  19 June, 2017

Dawn Meats’ butchery team has developed what it claims to be the “ultimate burger experience”.

Named ‘The Irish Rustic Burger’, the 170 gram burger is the latest addition to Dawn Meats’ Premium Butcher brand and is made from grass-fed Irish beef.

“The Premium Butcher rustic burger has been specially created as a result of a challenge to our NPD [new product development] and chef’s team to create the ultimate burger experience using the very best quality beef which Ireland has to offer,” said Dawn Meats.

“The starting point in the process was to use our team’s butchery and craft expertise - a skill honed over three decades - to select the most succulent beef muscles that would enhance the grass fed flavours and qualities of Irish beef. After careful consideration and trials, the rib and brisket muscles were selected to ensure the best profile for flavour and juiciness.”

The burgers are shaped to enhance the texture profile, giving it a rustic appeal and helping to improve the overall experience. According to Dawn Meats, the rustic profile creates a burger that is succulent yet loose and crumbly in texture. The product is finished with a pinch of salt and pepper.

Dawn Meats’ burgers are quick to freeze, keeping the flavours locked in, and are rich in protein, iron, zinc and Omega-3s.