Waitrose launches Prosecco turkey for Christmas
Published:  30 June, 2017

Waitrose is combining turkey and Prosecco in its latest festive offering.

The Waitrose Italian-Style Turkey Parcel is a hand-prepared boneless turkey breast basted with Prosecco then stuffed with pork, veal and Italian herbs and topped with porcini mushroom butter and fresh sage under a crispy pancetta lattice. It costs £35/kg.

According to the retailer, the addition of Prosecco to the baste gives a slight acidity which cuts through the richness of the stuffing and porcini butter.

Waitrose jumped on the boozy food trend by launching a Prosecco Panettone in 2015 and had to double its orders last year to keep up with demand. The Prosecco Panettone will also be available again this year adding extra fizz to the festive celebrations.

Emma Sayer, Waitrose turkey buyer, said: “While many people opt for a traditional turkey, we are seeing more customers looking to try something new. Shoppers are now hosting more than one Christmas, whether it’s with different sides of the family, or a festive get together with friends and alternative flavours and bastes for the turkey help to add something unique to the traditional meal. Prosecco adds a delicious dimension to the turkey baste – we are sure our customers are going to love it.”