Consistency, consistency, consistency!
Published:  03 July, 2017

If I take myself back to the great days and nights spent working in top kitchens and, more recently, in business, one word resounds in my mind…  consistency. It was drilled into me as a young chef and is still very much ringing in my ears.

Whether it be a diner sitting in a restaurant, an independent butcher using an ingredient or a processor creating a product – one of the main things required to succeed is being consistent. And I don’t just mean producing a great plate of food, formulating a seasoning blend or even innovative new ideas, but on every aspect of making every part happen unfailingly.

From sourcing the best components, to preparing those ingredients, to selling that product, making sure my customer is pleased and walks away with a smile is key to them coming back. But I can’t just do that once – I have to do it every time, consistently.

As a new breed of foodies brings countless amounts of innovation to the ever-evolving world of food, how can smaller businesses keep up with the ideas and, not only that, achieve them consistently? That’s where innovative, commercially available ingredients can enhance the experience of customers.

Consistency is instilled in every aspect of my working life. I believe all the people who come into contact with that, walk away with a smile on their face – and it’s still there when they come back through the door.