Sainsbury’s aims to curb food waste
Published:  05 July, 2017

Supermarket chain Sainsbury’s is tackling food waste with the introduction of a new ‘Smart Fresh’ label for its sandwich ham. 

The innovation means the label changes colour once a pack of ham is opened. Starting out yellow, the longer it remains open, the more purple it will turn. The colour-changer has been designed to indicate to consumers whether or not the ham is good to eat.

The ‘Smart Fresh’ label has been created to adapt to the fridge it’s stored in. As ham is meant to be kept at -5°C, the label is temperature-sensitive and the cooler the fridge, the slower the change in colour.

“We’ve all been there; when we’ve found a pack of ham loitering on the bottom shelf of the fridge and can’t remember how long it has been opened for,” commented Jane Skelton, head of packaging at Sainsbury’s. “With sliced ham in fridges up and down the country, we wanted to find a way to reduce waste of this family favourite, while helping consumers save money with the new Smart Fresh technology.”

The innovation is part of the retailer’s £10 million ‘Waste less, Save more’ initiative and is being trialled across all stores on its Sainsbury’s own-brand pack of seven-slice cooked ham.

Now in its second year, the waste prevention programme has added re-sealable properties to 38 products and introduced snap-packs to 14 sausage options, giving consumers the freedom to cook half while storing the rest without exposing it to air.