Buchanan Foods diversifies by developing peat bacon
Published:  06 July, 2017

Northern Irish meat producer Buchanan Foods has introduced a new peat-smoked bacon in a strategy designed to set itself apart in the marketplace. 

The dry-cured bacon is cold-smoked over traditional Irish peat – known regionally as turf – which is harvested from Bellaghy, the homeland of celebrated poet Seamus Heaney.

“The new turf-smoked bacon is a development of our focus on creating deliciously different flavours for our meats,” said Jonathan Buchanan, who runs Buchanan Foods alongside his wife Lois. “The new bacon has a subtle smoked turf aroma when smoked and a deliciously different taste.

“The new bacon is the outcome of my work to create different products that will set us apart in the marketplace,” he explained. “The company already has a reputation for producing excellent turkey products, which has included meat aged in our own small Himalayan salt chamber that we’ve constructed on our farm. Our aim is to be different, offering consumers unique flavours.”

Buchanan Foods’ peat-smoked bacon is the latest innovative meat product developed by the firm, and will sit alongside its portfolio that includes pork, mango, honey & mustard sausages. The family-run company has won a series of UK Great Taste Awards for its free-range turkeys.

“We’ve test-marketed the peat bacon at farmers’ markets in Northern Ireland and received very positive feedback from shoppers,” added Buchanan. “The bacon is smoked slowly for a short time over the embers of a turf fire for a distinctive flavour. It’s a process over which I have complete control and using bacon from a local supplier that’s fully traceable. We take great care in the whole process to ensure a superb product.”

Buchanan Foods is based out of the family farm in Co Derry. As well as owning its own farm shop, it also supplies to other farm shops, delis and markets across Northern Ireland. The new peat-smoked bacon is available for approximately £2.50 per pack of six slices.