Farmers among the healthiest professionals in the UK
Published:  10 July, 2017

Physical activity and wide open spaces have contributed towards the agriculture sector being named one of the healthiest in the UK. 

According to IronmongeryDirect, a survey of 2,014 adults showed that professionals such a farm managers, mechanics, technicians and administrators revealed they are some of the healthiest in the UK.

IronmongeryDirect claimed that the average agriculture worker is active for four-and-a-half hours per day, or 270 minutes.

Due to the active lifestyle of the industry, it is less likely they will give in to sugary treats, with just under one quarter (23%) admitting to consuming confectionery in the day.

“Incorporating elements of a healthy lifestyle into your working day is essential,” said Wayne Lysaght-Mason, managing director of IronmongeryDirect. “A balanced diet, regular breaks from the desk or computer screen, fresh air, and moderate exercise are important.”

The agriculture sector was positioned third after the trades and health & fitness industries in the health ranking. The unhealthiest sector were office-bound professionals, including those working in marketing, who fail to stay active for an hour a day and burn less than 300 calories through work-related activity.

“Those with desk-based jobs should ensure they are consuming the correct number of calories to avoid running out of fuel during busy or strenuous days,” added Lysaght-Mason. “However, due to lower than average activity levels, they should also be conscious of what they eat, being aware that they are burning less energy.”