2 Sisters and Innovis grow lamb initiative
Published:  24 July, 2017

A lamb supply chain scheme between processor 2 Sisters Food Group and genetic expert Innovis has been expanded. 

The Focus Prime partnership between the two businesses, launched last year, offers farmers the opportunity to lease high-performance rams so they can unlock their competitive advantages on farm and supply the market adequately.

Peter Morris, programme manager for 2 Sisters, said: “The project has been hugely successful in its first year in terms of take-up of rams and their subsequent performance at farm level.

“This is an exciting project and one of a kind outside of New Zealand, so it’s great that 2 Sisters and Innovis are able to offer a further 160 Focus Prime rams this season.

“With the uncertainty surrounding farm policy, this will be a great opportunity for some sheep producers to utilise the latest genetics, build relationships with their customers and make their businesses fit for the future.”

A spokesperson for 2 Sisters added: “This is a great opportunity for all parts of the supply chain to benefit, from the farmer right through to the consumer.

“The early indications are very encouraging, with better uniformity and yield distribution throughout the carcase, as well as improved consistency in eating quality.”

Dewi Jones, Innovis chief executive, said: “We have a shared vision with 2 Sisters in developing and delivering a supply chain initiative that draws from some of the very best meat genetics globally available.”