Pukka Pies modernises foodservice branding
Published:  02 August, 2017

Pukka Pies has given its foodservice branding a makeover to make it more appealing to the ‘foodie’ market. 

New point-of-sale kits are being provided to the nation’s fish and chip shops to encourage consumers to eat pies more often and boost the appeal of the company. Illuminated signs, pavement signs, A2 posters, wobblers and door signs have been designed to entice customers.

“Ever since my father first started trading as Trevor Storer’s Homemade Pies 50 years ago, fish and chip shops and eating-out venues have been – and always will be – the heartland of our business,” said Pukka Pie’s director Tim Storer.

“But, like any competitive company, we also need to be responsive and nimble, and not sit still. We hope the new brand proposition for our foodservice partners helps attract a wider consumer base, as we know that there is room to grow the category and, in turn, increase sales and profits for our valued customers.”

The firm has modernised its image with what it identifies as more contemporary colours and fonts. While keeping its traditional colours, it has updated them to apply a unisex and ‘foodie’ feel. The black has moved to charcoal, white to cream and neon orange to a warmer, natural orange. A small pie has been crafted into the ‘A’ in Pukka to highlight its heritage.

Furthermore, the word ‘pies’ has been removed from the new branding to provide the opportunity for potential range diversification moving forward. For its posters and signage, however, it kept the word pies following customer feedback.