Fully traceable fish launched by JJ Food Service
Published:  04 August, 2017

JJ Food Service has introduced a new range of Icelandic cod and haddock.

The fish are line-caught, using the hook and line method, and individually quick-frozen (IQF). They are stored on ice before being filleted and frozen. The wholesaler boasted that the result was a consistently high-quality, natural fillet, with minimal environmental impact. The fish are sustainably sourced and fully traceable.

“Quality and consistency means everything to our customers,” said Ali Guvemli, chief products officer at JJ Food Service. “With IQF, our customers don’t use more than they need, helping to save costs and reduce waste.”

The IQF storage option means consumers can support portion control and maintain good profit margins.

The new range is available at all 11 UK branches of JJ Food Service stores in a range of skin-off and skin-on sizes.