Beef and lamb specialists to improve industry competitiveness
Published:  08 August, 2017

New livestock specialists have been trained across the country to help the industry meet market requirements.

Trained by the Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) Beef & Lamb the new team are able to give talks and demonstrations to beef and lamb producers and stakeholder groups. They are in a position to drive the levy board’s objectives to increase the number of livestock meeting target specification, subsequently improving the competitiveness of the industry.

“AHDB has been running popular ‘Live to Dead’ events for more than 10 years,” commented Steve Powdrill, AHDB national selection specialist. “These play a valuable role in helping producers understand the importance of sending livestock to slaughter at the right time, but as part of our new strategy we are keen to get these messages out to more people.

“Having a nationwide team of selection experts who can appear at regional events and address interested groups will help us achieve this.”

The Selection Team is part of the wider Farm Excellence Platform. The project is based on farmer-to-farmer learning and plays a key role in delivering AHDB’s focus on knowledge exchange and research.

The regional specialists are:
The North of England – Ian Cairns – ircairns@outlook.com
The North West of England – James Hadwin – jhadwin@jhagriconsultancy.co.uk
The Midlands – Richard Whittington – flashsheep@yahoo.co.uk
The Midlands – Laura Masters – lm_grangefarm@hotmail.co.uk
Central England – Tim Bastable – tim_4319@tiscali.co.uk
The West Country – Matt Hobbs – crosbyhobbs@hotmail.co.uk
The South West – John Wescott – agridata@btconnect.com
The South East – Charles Bull – bull_herd04@btinternet.com
The South of England – William Waterfield – w.waterfield@fcgagric.com