You’re hired with Meat Business Women
Published:  11 August, 2017

Women across the meat supply chain are being encouraged to attend the fourth Meat Business Women seminar.

With a theme of ‘You’re Hired’, the keynote speaker will be Margaret Mountford. Businesswoman and lawyer, Mountford is best known for her role as Lord Alan Sugar’s advisor in the earlier series’ of The Apprentice. The TV personality is also chairwoman of the Argent Group, which oversees catering butchers Fairfax Meadow.

“The inspiration behind Meat Business Women was really looking at the supply chain for the meat industry and seeing the small amount of females that work in the supply chain,” Laura Ryan, founder of Meat Business Women, told Meat Trades Journal.

Ryan, who is also strategy director for the Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) Beef & Lamb, has been in the meat industry for 10 years. While she acknowledged that the number of women in the industry has been on the increase, she pointed out that it is still a small number.

“When you talk to a lot of folks about the meat industry there are a lot of misconceptions and I just thought it was a great opportunity to showcase it as a positive place to work and all the positive areas,” she explained.

Citing the Lord Davies report, Ryan said a positive gender balance in work environments resulted in a better financial performance, benefiting the industry.

“The main thing that people enjoy is the networking,” continued Ryan. “It’s an opportunity for people to get away from the office for a couple of hours or half a day and be able to network with other women in the supply chain that they don’t normally have the opportunity to do.” The forum is designed for people across the industry, from butchers to processors, to women working in foodservice.

At each event the guest speaker provides an insight into her industry and offers transferable skills that are beneficial to attendees.

Encouraging young women to take on a career in the industry, Ryan commented: “There’s such a diverse opportunity for roles ranging from production, through to marketing, through to technical. There’s so much opportunity that we don’t really showcase as much as we could.”

A committee of six senior women from the sector has been established, designed to help budding young women get started in their careers.

Meat Business Women is looking for sponsors to help support the platform. For anyone interested in sponsoring, or if you’re seeking more information, contact Laura Ryan at Laura.Ryan@ahdb.org.uk

The event is taking place in October, with the venue to be finalised in the coming days.