Scunthorpe butcher goes head-to-head with Morrisons
Published:  16 August, 2017

A butcher from Scunthorpe has introduced a foot-long sausage roll in response to Morrisons launching its own version. 

Ashley Taylor of Taylor’s Family Butchers trialled the sausage roll last week, which coincided with the one-year anniversary of opening his store.

The new giant sausage roll is meatier than its supermarket counterpart, Taylor told Meat Trades Journal. “I was sick and tired of supermarkets being allowed to put minimal meat content into a sausage roll,” he said.

“We’re selling a decent product, a foot-long sausage roll, a homemade product, not mass manufactured, and a quality product.”

Selling for £2, Taylor explained the sausage rolls have been a success so far with customers and he’s looking at adding them as a mainstay option. He explained: “We sold 200 on Wednesday and Thursday of last week, and we sold probably another 200 on Friday and Saturday and people are still coming in for them now.”

This isn’t the first novel product that the family butcher’s has offered to customers. The business has a man-versus-food steak challenge, providing patrons with a 35oz or 70oz steak.
Taylor said this was a good opportunity for his customers to share the challenge on social media and help spread the word.

Following on from the success of the giant sausage roll, the business is also looking at developing a foot-long Lincolnshire sausage.

Since opening last year, Taylor’s Family Butchers has gone from three members of staff to 15. Moving forward, the butchery business is looking to expand out of town.