European food chain consultation welcomed by UFU
Published:  31 August, 2017

The European Commission’s food chain consultation could help farmers be treated fairly, said the Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU). 

The consultation will assist the industry in addressing issues within the supply chain that have a mitigating impact for farmers.

“We have always argued that it is unfair to expect the producer to bear the brunt of the unfairness within the supply chain and addressing this has always been a key issue for us,” said Barclay Bell, UFU president.

“Farmers want to be valued players and to be fairly treated and represented at all levels. They are a vital stage of an integrated supply chain and the benefits from farming to the economy here cannot be underestimated.

“A flourishing agriculture drives confidence,” continued Bell. “The rural economy in Northern Ireland depends on the continuing success of the food and farming industries.”

The farming union has submitted a response to the consultation and will aim to work alongside the European Union to make the food supply chain fairer. The European Commission will publish its resulting proposals in spring 2018.

Bell concluded: “Our aim is to see in place a collaborative and comprehensive supply chain – one that delivers profitability to the farmer and stable pricing to consumers.”