Shropshire poultry farm given planning permission
Published:  01 September, 2017

Proposals for a 210,000-bird poultry farm in Shropshire have been given approval despite public opposition. 

Shropshire Council South gave approval for the erection of four poultry buildings on Footbridge Farm, Tasley, Bridgnorth. Plans also include feed bins, one gate house, one boiler house and circular water tank, as well as the associated infrastructure and landscaping scheme.

The plan had attracted a lot of criticism, with over 300 objections lodged. Objections included reduced house values, smell and dust potentially emitted from the farm.

As reported in the Shropshire Star, chairman of the planning committee David Evans said that despite him working in the poultry business, there was “no connection with the applicant or the application”. Approval was given on the basis that the applicant paint the buildings a different colour to that proposed.

Despite the decision, campaigners against the chicken farm vowed to fight on. In a statement made on the group’s Facebook page, they said: “It is with great regret and grave concern we can report that the Shropshire Planning Committee have approved this proposal for a 210,000 bird broiler chicken facility in Tasley. In doing so, they have once again acted against both Bridgnorth and Tasley councils, who were strongly opposed to this. We will not stop, we must fight on and appeal this decision to protect the long-term future of our amazing town.”