Ross & Ross launches first roast range for festive season
Published:  22 September, 2017

Home-curing business Ross & Ross Food is introducing its first roast range next month as the run-up to Christmas approaches.

The inspiration behind the extension was a sense of ‘tiredness’ in the category, following on from customer and supplier research. The new range includes a turkey rub, roast beef rub, pigs in blankets dust, roast ham glaze and a Brussels sprout dust. The roasting solutions are available in 50g jars in cases of six.

In addition, Ross & Ross is extending its line of curing kits in response to their popularity. The new kit includes a fennel & juniper cure, maple & chipotle cure and English mustard & pink peppercorn cure.

The salmon kit has also been given a makeover. Three new salmon cures are available in citrus, dill and mustard, and a sansho pepper option.

“We have had some good fun with these new cures,” said Ross Bearman, co-director of Ross & Ross. “For the salmon, we got quite experimental. Not only have we focused on traditional fragrances for fish, but we have taken some inspiration from the ever-popular Japanese cuisine with the sansho pepper cure, which includes red chilli, white sesame, orange peel, black sesame, ginger and nori seaweed. For the bacon, we have developed the flavours based on the spices that work well to enhance the pork flavour. The maple cured bacon would be perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

The five new curing kits launch in October.