School’s sausage roll ban draws backlash
Published:  28 September, 2017

A Bradford school has received criticism for banning sausage rolls in its pupils’ lunchboxes.

Shirley Manor Primary Academy’s ‘whole school food and drink policy’ for the new term outlined healthy eating guidelines in an effort to help its students perform better in class. However, parents and the public have taken to social media condemning the academy’s policy, which also sees the students’ packed lunch boxes searched.

The policy states that “Shirley Manor Primary Academy aims to provide an environment that promotes the health and well-being of pupils, parents and staff by ensuring that all food provision and food messages are healthy and consistent. 

“Staff recognise and are committed to the fact that healthier children learn more effectively and aim to promote good eating behaviour and protect those who are nutritionally vulnerable.”

Processed meats have been criticised in the mainstream media recently. A World Health Organization report in 2015 claimed that they can increase consumers’ chances of cancer and, more recently, the European Food Safety Authority linked raw or undercooked pork meat to hepatitis E.

“Pork pies, sausage rolls, pepperoni sticks are high in salt and saturated fat,” said Shirley Manor. “These items should not be included in a pupils’ packed lunchbox. If found a parent will be called.”

Whilst some have backed the policy, others are likening the school’s search policy to the George Orwell classic 1984.

The school has yet to respond to the criticism.