Linpac quick roast option available in Co-op
Published:  24 October, 2017

Packaging manufacturer Linpac has collaborated with Dunbia to introduce a convenient ‘quick roast’ joint pack concept, Prime Cook, to the shelves of major retailer Co-op. 

The product, which won ‘Best Product New to Market’ at the recent SuperMeat & Fish  Awards, has been created to put the traditional British Sunday roast on tables across the UK as a mid-week dinner option. 

Dunbia beef and lamb joints are packaged in Linpac’s Prime Cook vacuum skin pack (VSP) and partially cooked sous vide before being labelled and dispatched to Co-op.

This process enables the consumer to remove the beef or lamb roasting joint from the packaging and cook it using a conventional oven tray for just 30 or 45 minutes respectively.

The ‘quick roast’ joint retains the same flavour and tenderness of a traditional, slow-cooked joint. Prime Cook is the latest Linpac innovation to address growth in the convenience sector for retailers.

Helene Roberts, director of global marketing and innovation at Linpac, said: “Vacuum skin packaging was chosen for Prime Cook because it offers extended shelf-life, minimises food wastage and showcases the product to consumers.

“In addition, the pack includes a unique perforated rPET insert, which captures juices released during the manufacturer’s sous vide cooking process and conceals them. These juices can later be used by the consumer to make a flavoursome gravy and enhance the overall finished product. It offers the ultimate in convenience for the consumer who wishes to enjoy a tasty mid-week roast without the usual lengthy preparation and cooking time.”

Co-op Quick Cook Beef and Lamb Quick Cook Roasts are available in selected Co-op stores across the UK.

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