Butchers win out in Q Guild sausage survey
Published:  30 October, 2017

The majority of consumers buy their sausages from a high street butcher's shop, according to a new survey by the Q Guild.

In a survey conducted to mark this year’s sausage festivities, the Q Guild found that 63.5% of respondents buy their sausages from a high street butcher, with just 29% of respondents buying them at a supermarket.

The survey revealed that over half of people (52%) eat sausages at least once a week, while a similar percentage enjoy their sausages with mashed potato, ahead of other popular choices such as part of a cooked breakfast (43%), or in a sandwich or roll (49%).

Pork reigned supreme when it came to sausage filling, with 80% of respondents choosing it as their preferred choice, with beef coming in second at 10%. Lamb (1%) and venison (0.5%) also made an appearance amongst respondents.

Condiment choice was a hotly contested issue, with tomato ketchup winning top spot at 37% of the vote, followed by the fifth of people who prefer no condiment. Brown sauce and mustard were closely tied in third, while chutney, gravy and BBQ sauce lagged behind with around 2% of the vote each.

Two-thirds of respondents preferred a plain or lightly seasoned sausage with regional variants such as Cumberland and Lincolnshire being second choice. Other popular flavour combinations were pork and leek, pork and apple, and pork and tomato sausages. Innovation in butchery didn’t go unnoticed, though, with some more unusual flavours getting a mention. Global cuisine has an influence, with varying chilli flavours accounting for over 10% of votes.

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