Essentia rolls out new nutritional calculator
Published:  06 November, 2017

A new calculator that shows how to boost the nutritional profile of food and drink has been developed in response to growing demand for high-protein fare. 

Created by ingredients specialist Essentia Protein Solutions, the free online tool uses basic information on the percentage of protein, carbohydrate and fat in a product.

It then calculates the levels required to upgrade a food or drink to a high-protein classification and if there’s a protein claim to be made.

Tom Cooke, Essentia’s director UK & Europe, said the focus on healthy living and healthy everyday foods had “become ever more important”.

“Essentia has developed this quick and easy calculator to help manufacturers understand how their products stack up in terms of protein labelling and what they need to do in order to achieve any protein on-pack claims,” he said.

“The calculator can therefore help with enhancing existing products or helping to formulate new lines.”

A spokesperson for Essentia explained that the calculator can only be accessed by Essentia personnel, who will use it in customer meetings to demonstrate how much protein the customer needs to add in order to meet the protein ranking in accordance with EU regulation.

The Nutritional Enhancement Calculator will make its debut between 21 and 23 November at the Food Matters Live ExCeL event in London.