New lamb brand to meet market demands of premium meat
Published:  09 November, 2017

A Northern Irish farming family has developed a new lamb meat brand with the aim of meeting demand for high-quality meat. 

Created by Harnett’s of Waringstown in Co Down, the new Lisnacree Lamb brand is designed to bring natural lamb to the market. The black-faced mountain sheep are raised on the family farm of the slopes of Northern Ireland’s Mourne Mountains, where they are free to roam. 

The animals are then finished on grass closer to the Irish Sea coastline, which gives the meat added flavour from natural salt sea air. In addition, the farm raises Hebridean mountain sheep and lambs on Duvillaun, a remote island off the coast of Co Mayo in the Republic of Ireland. 

“We’ve been looking at the potential of lamb reared in a natural environment, such as the Mourne Mountains and Duvillaun for some time because of the growing market interest in premium meat,” explained Jane Harnett, a director of the farming business. “Mourne Mountain Lamb is now a recognised product and we are keen to play a part in its further success, especially in markets outside Northern Ireland.

“Lisnacree Lamb is a lean meat that has a rich flavour and is low in fat because of the rugged, natural environment and fresh sea air in which the sheep and lambs are reared. We’ll be using our marketing and branding experience and contacts used in our successful culinary oils to build the new Lisnascree Lamb brand in Northern Ireland and Britain.”

Harnett’s of Waringstown is investing in wind technology to power the farm and the production of culinary oils, and has already launched a Duvillaun Sea Salt from natural salt that is harvested from the island’s Atlantic coastline.