BRF adds two new lines to UK foodservice menu
Published:  29 November, 2017

Two product ranges have been added to BRF’s growing portfolio of on-trend fare, both of which will be available at major UK distributors from February.

Brazilian-owned BRF, which claims to be one of the world’s largest food companies, wants to expand in Europe’s foodservice market and launched a website in February 2017 to kick-off its sales-capturing strategy.

Two new lines have now been added to its portfolio: Sadia Premium and the Sadia Chicken Breast Skewers range.

The former is a 10-strong selection of breadcrumbed and steam-cooked products, such as chicken schnitzel, southern-fried crispy chicken mini fillets or chicken yakitori sticks. The meat is pre-cooked and comes in a resealable plastic pouch. The range is aimed at foodservice chefs.

BRF’s ready-to-eat Sadia Chicken Breast Skewers comes in two portion sizes – 80 grams (g) and 100g. These products could “form the basis of a multitude of creative dishes” or be a “simple” bar snack, according to the business.

Known as one of the world’s biggest meat processors, BRF has 54 factories around the world. While the majority of these (35) can be found in Brazil, the business operates one in the UK and one in the Netherlands. It has other factories in Argentina, Thailand, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates.