Let’s enhance, not diminish, British food values
Published:  29 November, 2017

More thinking around British food and farming is needed as Brexit approaches.

As specific scenarios around our future international trading relations begin to crystallise, it is apparent that the thinking on how Brexit impacts British food and farming is critically under-developed.

A lack of coherent government safeguards for British farming – epitomised by the potential for US chlorine-washed chicken imports to enter the home market – risks eroding domestic supply chains and the ‘farm to fork’ model of transparency prized by our consumers. It is critical we do everything we can to use Brexit is an opportunity to enhance, rather than diminish, British food values that secure affordability, availability and food quality.

The British Poultry Council’s vision is for a food system that speaks to the public good, backs British farmers and producers, and protects our food values and high standards of production. The poultry meat industry has a lot of trade expertise that could be placed at the disposal of government to assist trade negotiations with third countries.

Government support dedicated to the opening of third-country markets for the trade of poultry meat will facilitate carcase balance, support the UK as a global hub for breeding stock, and allow for improved productivity.

More markets for British poultry meat products will allow for a return on investment to be spread across the carcase, spur growth, benefit the economy and boost our competitiveness at home and abroad.

Shraddha kaul is public affairs and publioc relations manager at the British Poultry Council.