Sainsbury’s to enhance Taste The Difference Pork range
Published:  04 December, 2017

Sainsbury’s plans to enhance its Taste The Difference Fresh Pork range, launching products designed to live up to the aspirations the name suggests and differentiating it from rivals. 

A Taste The Difference Pork Rib Roast will hit store aisles on 13 December and meat counters on 18 December, Sainsbury’s head of livestock Gavin Hodgson told Meat Trades Journal. Developed in partnership with meat processor Cranswick, it will have a recommended retail price of £9.00/kg. 

Sainsbury’s will follow the launch next year with a review of the rest of the Taste The Difference Pork range, much of which draws on sires from the Hampshire pig breed dedicated to Sainsbury’s. 

Hodgson said after starting a project looking into how the range could be improved “we started to realise there were lots of little things we weren’t doing right”. He was speaking to this site at this year’s Sainsbury’s Farming Conference in Farnborough on 24 November. 

The supermarket chain looked at improving the amount of intermuscular fat. Cranswick also made processing changes. “These had an amazing impact on cooking and eating quality,” said Hodgson.

All Taste The Difference pork products bear the Freedom Food, Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals mark.