Unbar Rothon launches curry seasoning range
Published:  14 December, 2017

Seasonings supplier Unbar Rothon has launched a range of new curry seasonings for sausages. 

Its new product development team has created half a dozen special flavour profiles and, using Cockney rhyming slang, has given them unusual names, including Curry Bang Thai Penang sausage seasoning, Jolly Crazy Hot Jalfrezi and Winter Warmer Mild Korma, plus an if-you-dare Hard Ass Hot Madras. 

“It’s new, it’s different, it’s exciting and it’s going down a storm with our London customers, who think Cockney slang is a capital idea,” said Unbar Rothon director Richard Rothon. 

He added that the ‘chuckle’ element in the seasonings’ titles had also attracted interest from ready meals and pizza manufacturers.